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The aim of a DPO is not to restrict business.

It is about reconciling business and the basic right to privacy.

Why do I need a DPO by law?

In Germany, every company needs a DPO, in which 20 or more people deal with handling data about e.g. customers, employees and more. The DPO should supervise the data usage in a company. He/She doesn't have the right to make decisions in your company at first, so he is kind of advisor and supervisor. But if you don't follow his advices there may be penalties by supervising authorities. The DPO therefore also serves as an intermediary between the law and operational implementation.

Why an external DPO?

For an internal DSB, expensive further education or training is usually required. In addition, the DSB is not allowed to hold a management/decision making position. Due to the additional tasks of a DPO, the employee could also possibly no longer concentrate on his or her actual duties. So if you outsource it to an external DSB like me, you get many advantages in one complete package - without protection against dismissal under labor law, so there is hardly any risk.
‌In December 2020 I will be certified by GDD, the Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit - one of those top associations dealing with data privacy. This associations also advices very much companies and also the german government.

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area in Germany, Munich and surroundings, especially Landsberg am Lech is preferred